Balão Inflável de Salvamento e Içamento Subaquático – Estilo Pontão “ELB”

Capacidade: 1 a 60 Toneladas (1.000 a 60.000 Kg)

Surface – Buoyancy – Lift Air Bag – Pontoon Style “ELB”

Canflex Pontoon Style Lift Bags are totally-enclosed, cylindrical bags that are ideal for shallow water salvage, reducing the draft of a vessel or raising an object closer to the surface.

They are invaluable in cable and pipeline operations and where long tows are planned.

These bags are low maintenance and easy to clean.

All seams are welded for strength, durability and water tight integrity.

The lift bags harness maintains the bag in a horizontal position while insuring maximum stability.

The Pontoon Style Lift Bag, Model ELB (Totally Enclose Lift Bag style), are completely equipped including the appropriate quantity of automatic air relief valves, certified lift harness with shackles and fill ports.

For another style Static Buoyancy Assist Lift Bag see also Model “TE/DLE”.

Some of the Canflex Pontoon lift bag features are:

  • Made of high tenacity PVC coated polyester fabric (48 to 88 oz/yd2).
  • Large lift capacity in a small packing space.
  • All seams are RF welded.
  • Versatile and stable shape.
  • 1/2” or 3/4″ NPT fill port with inflation valves available.
  • Operational Manual with Certifications and Log Book.
  • High Flow Automatic Air Relief valves.
  • Custom sizes available.

Applications include, but not limited to:

Deep and Shallow Water Salvage


Recreational Diving

Emergency Rescue

General Flotation

Static Buoyancy Assist

Pipe or Cable Flotation

Under Water Construction

Capacities range from 1 to 60 Tonnes (1,000 to 60,000 Kg)