Balão Inflável de Salvamento e Içamento Subaquático – Estilo Tetraedro

Capacidade: 100 to 500 Kg 

Surface – Buoyancy & Underwater Air Lift Bag – Tetrahedron Style

The “SLE”-Enclosed bottom or “SLD”- Open Bottom lift bags are a Surface & Underwater Lift Bag Tetrahedron Style.

These units are equipped with either a positive venting air relief valve or a diver controlled manual dump valve, respectively.

The Dump Valve allows air control with a push of a button at the top of the bag and a lanyard at the bottom—vent air from above, beside, or below the lifting bag to achieve desired ascent rate.

The Enclosed bottom lift bag style also has a 98 mm threaded connector with an air tight cap.

These lift bags are ideal for smaller lifts in shallow waters due to their low profile.

The Tetrahedron Style lift bags are small in size and can be stored easily after use and easily repairable.

Some of the Canflex Tetrahedron lift bag features are:

  • All seams RF welded.
  • Versatile and stable shape.
  • Single lifting / attachment point.
  • Automatic Air Relief valves or manual dump mode.
  • Inverter line attachment point.
  • 1/2” or 3/4″ NPT fill port with inflation valves available.

Application include, but not limited to:

Deep and Shallow Water Salvage


Recreational Diving

Emergency Rescue

General Flotation

Dynamic Ascending or Static Buoyancy

Pipe or Cable Flotation

Under Water Construction

Capacities range from 100 to 500 Kg (220 thru 1,100 lbs)