Jemar Norpower AS has developed a new workboat; Jemar Norpower Multipurpose Workboat 30ft . The model is based on a new hull designed in collaboration with the Norwegian Marine Institute, SINTEF. The new hull has a V-shaped keel and tunnel that give a unique combination of speed, bollard pull and stability. Integrated floating tanks under deck give the boat a positive buoyancy making it practically unsinkable.

When an accident occurs a workboat from Jemar Norpower AS has the following benefits:

  • Can get quickly to the scene – also in bad weather (up to 24 knots
  • Has a strong towing capacity  (3 tons + )
  • Wheelhouse that gives shelter for the crew (Bed for rest is possible)
  • A storage room and deck space for oil lenses and    equipment
  • Easy to maneuver (Pitch propeller and Thruster
  • Is operative also in shallow water and close to the shore
  • Provides security for the cre
  • 12 pax transfer (incl coxswain)
  • Possible to install marine crane
  • “unsinkable”   (more than 5 ton positive buoyancy with engine, cargo and technical room flooded).
  • Heating in deck for arctic operations
  • Onboard and sub-sea video camera with recording.
  • Full instrumentation.

In addition to being an oil spill emergency preparedness boat, the workboat is a versatile multi-purpose workboat for tugging, transport, inspections and can also be equipped with cranes and winches 

All boats come with standard equitments such as flush self draining deck, strong fender on the railing, wheelhouse with navigations instruments and seating for coxswain and crew, rotating window for clear sight, search light, signal mast with lanterns and stern gate.

Jemar Norpower workboats comply with the DNV “Craft 2008” regulations.


Length over all

9,1 m

Beam Incl. Fender


Lightship weight5-6 tons
Engine range300 to 500 Bhp
Propulsion3 or 4-bladet propeller, Ø800m
GearNogva or V-gear ZF
Speed range20 to 24 knots
Bollard pull2800 to 4000 kg
Pax. Capacity6-8 persons
Fuel capacity2 x 150 Liter
ClassCraft 2010
Class societyBureau Veritas
DescriptionSOLAS-rated lifting arrangement.
Boat can be delivered with “Arctic package” (heating, anti-icing and ice protection”)
Davit designed for the boat available.