The Jemar Norpower 23ft Seismic Workboat is a special designed workboat for cable handling operations at sea.

It can operate as a “stand alone” workboat on survey vessels with weight or space limitations or 2nd Workboat onboard “full size” survey vessels or placed on a chase boat.

This spare workboat will fit onboard all types of mother vessels. 

This is the smallest and lightest of our seismic workboats. 

Vital parts of the boat-construction are strengthened based on experience from rough handling of workboats on purse net seiners, Supply vessels in the North Sea, and supply of more than 100 workboats for seismic operations over the last 15-20 years.

The workboat is certified as a decked boat, and the shape of the hull forms a boat with square stern and deep keel, trim and bowline inclining forward.

The deck is self-drained and large flush work deck behind the winch, for working or passengers (Crew transfer).

It is fully equipped for all kinds of cable work like cleaning cables, changing streamer sections, repairing birds and towing tail buyouts.

Thanks to the variable pitch propeller and the hull design the boat is able to tow 2,5 tons and obtain a speed of 20 knots. 

The strong construction and solid fender make the workboat endure rough treatment. 

Jemar Norpower Seismic Workboat has excellent towing characteristics and high stability and considerable surplus buoyancy make the boat practically unsinkable.


Features of the boat today are:

  •           8T «Off-load-release» one-point lifting hook
  •           Solid fender on the railing Precise steering due to the shape of the keel and an enlarged rudder blade.
  •           Easy to manoeuvre at working speed (4-5 knots)
  •           Reliable propulsion system that is easy to maintain.
  •           A comfortable and quite soft pitch of the boat even when run at high speed against the sea.
  •           Excellent seaworthiness and solid hull construction ensure the safety of the crew
  •           Shelter for the crew in “open back wheelhouse”.
  •           Custom made cable handling equipment for safe and effective cable operations
  •           Wheelhouse with maneuver console in front
  •           Coxswain-seat for the pilot and seating for four crew members
  •           Approved bilge and fire extinguishing systems
  •           Navigation and communication

The boat are certified by “Bureau Veritas” as Workboat complying with the rules for “Nordic Boat Standard”


Length over all


Beam Incl. Fender2,99
Lightship weight4,2 tons
Engine range175 to 355 Bhp
PropulsionSingle Pitch Propeller
GearNogva or V-gear ZF
Speed range16 to 25 knots
Bollard pull1850 to 2800 kg+
Pax. Capacity6-8 persons
Fuel capacity2 x 150 Liter
ClassCraft 2010
Cable Handling Equitment(Hydraulic)  Single Drum Cable Winch, Capacity 150 m 60mm solid streamer
Bow winch of forecastle, Capacity 210m 14 mm rope
Cable Retrieval Rig at forward, one flipper at SB side
Class societyBureau Veritas
DescriptionSOLAS-rated lifting arrangement.
Possible to install streamer winch 
New streamer protection system under development
Boat can be delivered with “Arctic package” (heating, anti-icing and ice protection”)
Davit designed for the boat available.