Cable Handling

 The Jemar Norpower 23ft  Workboat is a special designed workboat for cable handling operations at sea. It can operate as a “stand alone” workboat on survey vessels with weight or space limitations or 2nd Workboat onboard “full size” survey vessels or placed on a chase boat.This spare workboat will fit onboard all types of mother vessels. This is the smallest and lightest of our  workboats.

The workboat is certified as a decked boat, with flush deck and the shape of the hull forms a boat with square stern and deep keel aft, trim and bowline inclining forward. It is approved for 8 persons at sea.

Thanks to the variable pitch propeller and the hull design the boat is able to tow app 2 tons + and obtain a speed of app. 24 knots. The strong construction and solid fender make the workboat endure rough treatment. Jemar Norpower Workboat has excellent towing characteristics and high stability and considerable surplus buoyancy make the boat practically unsinkable.



Length over all7,015m
Beam Incl. Fender2,99
Engine range270 Bhp
PropulsionSingle Pitch Propeller
Speed range20-24  knots
Bollard pull2000 kg+
Pax. Capacity6-8 persons
Fuel capacity2 x 150 Liter
ClassCraft 2010
Class society

Bureau Veritas

Main Equipment list

*Hydraulic bow thruster; SLEIPNER 20 HK with app. 240 kilo thrust power

*      Protective Cage in stainless steel around propeller

*      Self draining flush deck

*      Flush, watertight hatch over engine room

*      Stainless steel keel along the entire keel and ap. 3 cm up on either side of the keel

*      PUR type rubber fender along the railing in the entire length of the boat

*      PUR type rubber fender along the entire length of the boat at water line level

*      Protective Aluminum plate on the aft deck below the towing hoop/bar

*      Tow hook

*      Towing hoop/bar with quick release hook across the aft.

*      Painterline hook in bow

*      Lifting Frame With Single Point with Henriksen Hook System

*      One (1) technical /storage room below deck, with access through medium hatch at the middle of the boat. Apart from containing hydraulic system it is suitable for Stowing place for first aid equipment, pyrotechnic material, tools and accessories.

*      Manual bilge pumps and fire sensor in engine room

*      Fuel tanks: 2 x 150 liters

*      Manoeuvre console with driver`s seat in the middle starboard side of the boat

*      Water Proof VHF Communication w/headset and GPS navigation fitted.

*      Scanning Sonar transducer

*      Signal mast with one 360-degree lantern and work light. The Signal mast can be dismounted and set aside below railing during the day.

*      2 pieces portable 6 kg’s powder type

*      Stainless couplings and fittings on the hydraulic system, inside the boat as well as outside

*      Reactor filter/water separator with water indicator/alarm on fuel line.

*      Emergency stop and alarms for the engine cooling system and oil pressure.