Jemar Norpower AS has developed a fast boat with good sea properties, large work deck and top speed of approx. 25 knots.

The boat is based on the same hull used for our new seismic work boats. The hull has proven to be a success because of its stability and good seaworthiness.

The Malo 30ft speed jaw is 9.1 meters long and 3.3 meters wide. This gives you a boat with a large loading capacity and a large work deck. At the same time, the hull is easy for the engine, and it is calculated that the boat will have a cruise speed of 12-15 knots and a top speed of about 25 knots. Recommended engines are Cummins from 300 to 500 HP. Sjarken has a modern boardhouse solution seating area and galley upstairs. It is otherwise equipped according to the buyer’s wishes in terms of deck equipment and electronics.