It is common knowledge that lifting a casualty with wet clothes from the water up into a rescue boat is heavy and can be very difficult even with a low freeboard.

Dacon Rescue Frame attach to the railing of the rescue craft so that the person operating it only needs to lift half the weight of the person in distress. It is quick and efficient to use and saves valuable time in a critical situation.

When rolled up for stowage the rescue frame takes up a minimum of space and will not hinder passage even on small rescue craft. It also doubles as an effective scrambling net for persons able to climb on board.

The standard edition of the fast rescue frame comes in a red/white design to make it easy to see in a rescue situation.

Medical Aspects

The person is recovered in a horizontal position with full body support.

This will reduce the possibility of shock and aggravation of injuries associated with the recovery of hypothermia and seriously injured casualties.