Dacon Rescue Scoop RSC is the model used for smaller vessels such as SAR, Pilots and Daughter Crafts.

It is a semi-rigid rescue net operated by a standard deck crane or custom crane solution.

The Scoop is suspended from the ship’s side and it provides an effective, rough weather recovery system with a rescue reach of about 2-3 m depending on dimensions and crane reach.

The casualty is recovered in a horizontal position with full body support to avoid further injury or shock.

The Dacon Rescue Scoop is tailored to each specific vessel so please contact us with a GA drawing in order to find a suitable solution for your vessel.

The equipment is compactly stowed in a crib on the inside of the railing and we have produced slim-profile cradle solutions for vessels where space inside the railing is limited.

The Scoop is light-weight and flexible and provides a gentle recovery also for injured, exhausted or unconscious persons in the water.

The RSC model can be supplied together with a small custom made, lightweight crane solution for vessels that do not have an existing crane or where the crane is not suitable for this purpose.