Recuperação de Linha
PLT Line Retrieval

Lança Retinida Pneumático de Recuperação de Linha com Projétil tipo Garatéia

PLT® Line Retrieval

The PLT® Launching Unit can launch a heavy duty hook for picking up ropes and lines in the sea.

The closed ends secure the line within the barbs.

If you already have a PLT® onboard, you can use the Line pick-up Grapple with the launching tube 150 and your choice of line.
Typically used by AHTS, Seismic vessels, Tankers or Stand by vessels.
If the air cylinder is filled up to 300 bars (4350 psi), it will supply the base unit with enough air to perform 6 max pressure launches.

You can launch the Line Pick-up Grapple up to 85 meters from a safe and elevated spot on your vessel.


Used to pick up messenger line from sea from FPSO
Used as stand by during towing operations as emergency towing system
Used as stand by during messenger line transfer from FPSO to tanker
Used in rescue operations to pick up emergency towline
Used to pick up heaving line from ROV and seagoing drones