Recolhedores de Óleo TDS

TDS Skimmers

Recolhedor de Óleo Mini

Mini Skimmer

Recolhedor de Óleo Micro

Micro Skimmer

Bomba Spate

Spate Pump

Foilex Recolhedores de Óleo Derramado no Mar

FOILEX Engineering AB is a Swedish marine engineering company established in 1991.

foilex designs and manufactures their own Oil Spill Response Products for the international oil and off-shore market.

All FOILEX products are designed and developed for Simple, Flexible and Reliable operation in a wide range of application
and conditions.

Twin Disc Screw (TDS) Pump FOILEX’s world-leading technology provides up to 70% higher capacity than other traditional Archimedean screw pumps.
The unique TDS Pump technology will give you operational an advantage in two different ways.

FOILEX TDS Skimmers are patented high performance weir skimmers for harbor, coastal and offshore oil spills.
The skimmers handle all types of oil from light diesel fuel to heavy crude oil mixed with debris.
The heart of the FOILEX Skimmer System is the hydraulically driven onboard TDS Pump fitted in a 3-pontoon floating frame, along with the original flow controlled, self-adjusting
skimming ring that has proven itself since 1991.
FOILEX Power Packs are compact designed within a strong stain-less steel frame equipped with lifting eyes and forklift pockets. Screen doors provide
good ventilation and easy access to service points.

FOILEX Hose Packages consist of hydraulic and discharge hoses stored on specially designed FOILEX single or double Hose Reels for easy transport and handling.

Skimmers are portable suction skimmers without an onboard pump and each is available in two different versions.
Free Floating

The free floating 3-pontoon skimmers are suitable for small to medium-sizes oil spills in harbors, rivers and lakes, where there is a need for small, portable recovery units.
Fixed Installed 

The fixed installed Well Skimmers with vertical discharge are mainly used in oil collectors, ships and industrial separation tanks.
All FOILEX SWS Systems are suitable for low to medium-viscosity oil spills.

The Spate PD75 is a high speed, reciprocating, diaphragm pump able to operate with the FOILEX Mini Skimmer. The pump can also be applied to a variety of transfer pumping duties and is particularilly useful in difficult applications.