Reservatório Dobrável para Derramamento de Óleo

Collapsible Spill Bund

Tanque Dobrável

Containment Tank

Reservatório Dobrável Emergencial de Polipropileno

Emergency Container

Funil Dobrável Industrial

Industrial Folding Funnel

Carrinho Dobrável para Espalhar Absorvente

Foldable Dispenser Cart

Enrolador Elétrico de Mangueira de Incêndio

Electric Roller for Fire Hoses

Reservatório Dobrável Antiestático

Collapsible Antistatic Tank

Cobertura Magnética Dobrável para Dreno

Folding Magnetic Drain Cover

ECCOTARP Produtos Dobráveis para Resposta à Derramamento de Óleo e Meio Ambiente

Eccotarp – foldable products for solving of leakage of dangerous substances

The ECCOTARP brand indicates a unique portfolio of products developed and manufactured by METAL ARSENAL. These are products combining metal components with plastic foils (PVC). The flagship of the product portfolio is the collapsible spill bund, which is used to capture liquid hazardous chemicals and to protect the environment. To maintain quality, products with the requirements of utility models No. 22228 and trademark No. 010125041 are protected