Coletor de Lixo Flutuante

PortBin Skimmer

Recolhedor de Óleo FoxTail

FoxTail Skimmer

Recolhedor de Óleo FoxTail Mini

FoxTail Mini Skimmer

Sistema HPU de Emergência

Emergency Unload System

Soprador FoxBlower


Barcaça FoxBarge


Escova Rotativa FoxMix


Recolhedor de Óleo FoxDrum


Sistemas de Recolhimento de Óleo Derramado 

Oil Spill Recovery Systems

SpillTech PortBin collects floating garbage in ports’ “trash coves”.

This makes the ports cleaner and public areas more attractive, and gives the harbour greater “environmental credibility”.

PortBin is based on customised oil spill technology:

  • High throughput.
  • Handles ebb and flow.
  • Robust.
  • Simple.
  • Can be operated without machine power.
  • Can also contain easily floatable waste.

FoxTail Oil Skimmer

FoxTail Skimmer was developed and tested at the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (NPCA/SFT) base in Horten, Norway.

It’s capable of recovering large quantities of oil, but it performs equally well also in rough sea.

Emergency Unload Systems HPU

Maritime casualty situations often involve rapid offloading of fluids.

The Emergency Unload System allows rapid offloading of fuel oils or water from distressed vessels.

Shoreline Products

  • FoxBlower
  • FoxBarge
  • FoxMix
  • FoxDrum
  • FoxTail Mini