Recolhedor de Óleo Skimmer Modelo FoxTail Mini

Capacidade: 3 m³/h

FoxTail Mini

FoxTail Mini was developed through NOFO’s technology development program “Oil Spill Response 2010” (Program for developing new oil spill products).

The objective was to make a mop skimmer that is lightweight and can be moved by one or two persons on shorelines.
This means that this tool can be used in places that are not accessible using a standard FoxTail without having to rely on machine power to lift or move it.

The FoxTail Mini can be used with or without a pump.

Lighter oils can flow from the machine to a storage reservoir using gravity.

Heavier oils can be pumped with the specially designed FoxPump, or other transfer pump.

• No hydraulic power needed
• Easy to carry
• Not affected of floating objects or ice
• Prepared for adding steam or hot water
• Easy to operate the joint and adding more mops
• Good solution in waves
• Developed through NOFO’s“oil spill response 2010”
• Motor: Kawasaki 48TH
• Gasoline: regular 2T 95 Octan 2%
• Outlet: 2,5”
• Mop speed: 1 – 50 m/min

Capacity: 3 m³/h