Recolhedor de Óleo Derramado no Mar Modelo FoxTail

Capacidade: 9 m³/h – 20 m³/h – 35 m³/h – 80 m³/h

Vertical Adhesion Band Oil Spill Skimmer

The V.A.B. FoxTail Oil Skimmer was developed and tested at the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (NPCA/SFT) base in Horten, Norway.

Since 1984 several units have been in service in the North Sea on board specialized oil recovery vessels operated by the Norwegian Costal Administration.

Not only is the V.A.B. FoxTail Oil Skimmer capable of recovering large quantities of oil, but it performs equally well also in rough sea.

The FoxTail has been tested with success in 4 m high waves in the Norwegian coastal waters.

Heavy and light oils are collected from the water surface by the FoxTails endless high-performance adhesion band (mops).

These fibrillated polypropylene bands collect (adhere) oil when moving through the water.

The oil is squeezed out of the FoxTail inside the machine by special rollers.

Oil collected in the skimmer is then pumped onboard / ashore into the collection tank.

The FoxTail skimmers are light weight and can hang from a single wire.

• High capacity oil recovery
• Low weight – simple construction
• Unaffected by waves
• Portable and requires only a single wire suspension
• Operates well among floating objects even ice
• Not sensitive to oil viscosity or temperature
• Provided with bumpers for motor protection
• Provided with two guide ropes with tension damper
• FoxTail are as standard delivered in a sturdy aluminum container that also can be used as temporary reservoir for the collected oil
• Nozzles for steam or hot water are standard on all FoxTails. Both above the mops and in the outlet for heating and “lubricating” the hose

Capacities: 9 m³/h – 20 m³/h – 35 m³/h – 80 m³/h