Sistemas de Emergência de Unidade de Potência Hidráulica HPU

Emergency Unload Systems

Maritime casualty situations often involve rapid offloading of fluids. The Emergency Unload System allows rapid offloading of fuel oils or water from distressed vessels.

Often helicopter access is the only means to access a distressed vessel. Accordingly, the system is light and suitable for helicopter transport. The system produces no sparks during transportation or use and is self powered in the case of dead ship conditions.
Additionally, the system can handle a range of fluids from light oils/diesel to heavy fuel oil to water.

The Emergency Unload System is specially designed for helicopter transport to the vessel.
The system is complete with hoses and hydraulic power unit and uses no electrical components.
Hydraulic power is provided by on on board 112 kW Cummins diesel engine and provides 200 l/min at 200 bar.

• Emergency Unload System 112 kW
• 200 l/min
• 200 bar
• Prepared for chopper transport
• No electrical components
• 3 different types of pumps (submersible, transportation or water-injection)
• Reels with cargo-hoses and hydraulic hoses
• Each unit weighs less than 1000 kg
• Pumps with water injection flanges