Tanque Flutuante Rebocável – Água

Towable Bladder – Water

Tanque Auto-Sustentável com Colar

Self-Supporting Tank Floating Collar

Tanque com Estrutura Perfil Baixo

Collapsible Tank Short Profile

Tanque com Estrutura Metálica

Collapsible Modular Frame Tank

Tanque Tipo Travesseiro

Pillow Tank

Tanque para Barcos

Boat Mountable Tank

Tanque para Caminhões

Truck Mountable Tank

Tanque Transportável por Helicóptero

Heli-Liftable Tank

Tanques Canflex para Transporte e Armazenamento Temporário de Líquidos em Grande Volume.

Capacidade: 1 m³ a 1000 m³ (264 a 264.000 galões) (6,3 a 6.290 barris)

Canflex Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks & Transportation

The line of Canflex bulk liquid storage tanks consists of, but not limited to, Canflex “Sea-Slug” Ocean Towable Bladder, Onion Self-Supporting Tanks, Collapsible Modular Frame Tanks, Pillow Tanks, Truck or Boat Mountable Tanks and Helicopter Liftable Tanks.

All of these bulk liquid storage tanks are constructed with special high strength coated (PVC or TPU) fabrics such as polyester, nylon and kevlar. Hydrocarbon products, drinking water, industrial chemicals, waste-water, liquid food products and a wide variety of other liquid products can be safely and efficiently stored or transported in Canflex bulk liquid storage tanks.

These tanks are ideal for firefighting, remote storage, military operations and disaster relief efforts.

There are many advantages to using collapsible tanks for bulk liquid storage.

These tanks are all environmentally friendly, leaving no permanent footprint.

The tanks ensure complete isolation from surface soil and water, significantly reduce truck traffic to and from the site and increase site safety.

All varieties are fast response tanks that take just minutes to setup with limited personnel and can be used immediately with little to almost no site preparation required.

Canflex bulk liquid storage tanks are ideal for all environments and forms of transport, whether by air, sea or land.

The mountable tanks allow standard trucks, trailers and boats to become tankers and can be customized to suit any vehicle size, providing a volume range from 250 to 20,000 US gallons.

The tank dedicated to transport is equipped with fixing harness so as to withstand the stresses of movement.

They can be integral to the tank or independent.

Capacities range from 1 m³ to 1000 m³ (264 to 264,000 US gal) (6.3 to 6,290 barrels)