Tanques Transportáveis por Helicóptero

Capacidade: 200 a 2.000 litros (55 a 530 galões)

Heli-Liftable Tanks

These bulk liquid storage tanks can be lifted by helicopters to transport fluids to remote locations.

When empty, these unit collapse vertically to a fraction of their filled size.

Dependable with very robust materials these tank can be used repeatedly, whether it be remote transport, hoist maintenance or hoist training. 

Designed for stability, these tanks are not only ideal for transport by helicopter but also used in truck or boat mounted applications.

Each tank comes with Fill / Offloading connection, vent connection with spark arrestor (fuel transport) and its appropriated certified lifting harness. 

Fittings are all appropriate for either potable water or hydrocarbons.

Canflex HLC is a conical shaped helicopter transportable tank which has lifting straps integral to the tank leading to a single lifting point. 

The conical design of the HLC gives the tank stability even if filled on uneven surfaces.

Some of the Heli-Liftable “HL” Tank features are:

  • One single lift point with bolt type anchor shackle.
  • Certified Lift straps.
  • HL tanks maintain a minimum 7:1 Safety Factor of the operational load.
  • Material and all fittings are appropriate for either potable water or hydrocarbons.
  • Fast response tanks that take just minutes to set up with limited personnel.
  • Ideal for liquid transport to and from remote locations.

Applications include, but not limed to:

Spill Response

Fire Fighting Efforts

Emergency Relief Efforts*

Fuel Transport

Water (Fresh and Potable) Transport

Remote Location Collection

*Transport and storage of essential fluids to populations effected by tsunamis, earthquakes, etc…

Capacities range from 200 to 2000 liters (55 to 530 USG)